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3D Character Animation San Francisco

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The animators are so intricate in each step of 3D character design. Each animator is an expert in his or her own field of design. This expertise includes but is not limited to modeling, texturing, and rigging.

Each part of 3D animation is important because it makes the picture believable. Rigging is very important because it is the part of 3D animation that incorporates real life movements and actions. Another way to look at rigging is skeletal animation. It is the process of building the joints and skeleton of the character.

Rigging is done though 3D computer programs. A computer program is used because of the intricacy of the step, because it is the skeletal system and every bone put into the 3D character used for a specific movement and animating the character.

The Morpher modifier and Skin modifier tools make the beginning steps a breeze. Morpher is used for facial animation and makes the tiny facial features easy to alter. The most difficult part of animating your character is creating morph targets. To create a morph target you must first make a copy of the character you want to morph. It is very important to do so because you don't want to tamper with the original, incase of mistakes. When the copy is made, you can freely move vertices to create different expressions. Give the morph target the appropriate name so there is no confusion when you create other looks and apply it to the character.

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Author :- Ruturaj Desai